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Привет from Московский (Hi from Moscow)!

We are happily ensconced in windy, snowy Moscow—Moscow, Pennsylvania that is. Our nearly two weeks with Barbara-Lee’s family has been good, and we’ve been in four churches the last two weeks. Since Drew doesn’t usually feature too heavily in these letters, we’re going to give him some press time! Drew is on the verge of walking—whenever he decides to. Just now, as I write this, I’ve been watching him play with a toy CD player. It’s amazing to watch as he pushes the eject button, removes the “CD”, puts it back in, and closes the cover. Clearly inside that brain there is reasoned learning, neural pathways are being formed, and foundations are being laid for his lifetime. Did you ever stop to think that that's what you are doing right now, too? The choices you make, the priorities you establish, and the actions you practice are preparing you for "adulthood" too (Rom. 8:14-17; 1 John 3:2-3). Someday, Drew will be exceptional at working CD players (If we still have them 10 years from now!), and, Lord willing, many more important things.

As we mentioned above, we have been greatly encouraged by our time in churches out here in Pennsylvania. God has been gracious enough to allow us to be in several churches where we have really "clicked" with people. We have really been impressed with people's enthusiasm for missions in the churches we've visited. The Lord has also seen fit to bring our support up to almost 75%. Wow! It's funny how sometimes we seem so close that, oh!, we can just about touch it! Other times, the remaining $1,200/month seems pretty huge. Overall, though, we both are comfortable with the reality that we are where God wants us, and in His time He'll provide for us to move to Puebla.

We'll touch on some nitty-gritty details here. First, we've been announcing that our e-mail address is changing to mexico@theglessners.org. It probably won't hurt to report that fact again! Second, if you should change YOUR e-mail address, please do let us know so we can stay in touch. Of course, if you at any time for any reason desire to be taken off our e-mail list, please let us know. We stand firmly against SPAM!

Our upcoming schedule is as follows:
Nov. 16 First Baptist Church of Horseheads, NY (there's an interesting story behind the name “Horseheads”)
Nov. 30 First Baptist Church of Marathon, Marathon, NY
Dec. 7 Nebraska St. Baptist Church, Port Orchard, Washington
Dec. 13 Valley Bible Church Christmas Banquet, Sumner, Washington
Dec. 28 Bethany Bible Church, Kenmore, Washington

1. Safe travels and encouraging meetings in churches.
2. God continues to provide for our support needs.
3. Drew is healthy & growing.

1. Opportunities to share and show Christ out here in Pennsylvania. We don't have many day-to-day contacts out here, but pray that we'd use opportunities that arise.
2. Pray for Miguel & Socorro, in Puebla, that God would be working in their hearts to open them to the gospel--even before we're living there.
3. Please continue to pray for an April-May 2004 moving date!

Thank you for your support to us in prayer.

Tim & Barbara-Lee (and Drew)


Tim & Barbara-Lee Glessner
(253) 274-8575
921 S. ‘M’ St.
Tacoma, WA 98405