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Here are sets of photos from our recent (and very old!) adventures...

Fiesta Navideņa-Dec 2008  
August 2008  
Campamento Koinonia/Camp Koinonia 2008  
May-June 2008  
Easter 2008!  
February 2008 Baptisms!  
April 2006--Sports Marathon  
March 2006--Climbing  
December 2005  
Los Cantiles, Sep. 2005  
Noche Mexicana, Sep. 2005  
Tasquillo 2005  
Retiro de Pureza/Purity Retreat, May 2005  
Escalar/Climbing, Mar 2005  
Easter/Pascua 2005  
October 2004  
August 2004 in Puebla  
Glessner Giggles: Glessner Giggles at Camp, July 2008
Glessner Giggles: Spring 2008
(03-04-08) Glessner Giggles: A year in pictures, 2007-2008
(10-19-06) Glessner Giggles: Our family with twins!
(10-19-06) Glessner Giggles:Nuestros Visitas--gracias!
Glessner Giggles: Fiona & Gavin Born!!!!!
Glessner Giggles: Drew's busy month of August 2005
Glessner Giggles: Drew's Aunt Jana Visits
Glessner Giggles: Drew in February 2004
Glessner Giggles: Drew in March 2004
Glessner Giggles: Drew's Safari Trip, August 2004

Tim and Barbara-Lee