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Greetings!  Again!  Already!
Sunday was an exciting day at church.  We had almost 60 people, 14 visitors, and 11 children. What was most exciting was that almost all of the visitors are people who are really interested in being part of our community.  One family came after one of our leaders invited them yesterday.  The dad, Miguel-Angel, is an electronics tech who has repaired some of our equipment over the years, but we've never actually met him in person.  It was fun to meet him.  He was enthusiastic about being there and is interested in attending some of our Bible studies.  So we're thankful for that.

We're writing a special e-mail to fill you in on an opportunity that we'd like to seize.  Laura Reyes is a graduate of the Bible seminary here in Puebla and has been working in ministry for 15 years.  She specializes in women's and children's ministries, but has also worked in a ministry editing and publishing ministry resources on the internet and is currently working on a counseling degree.  Laura has been with us at church for a little over a year now and with Barbara-Lee has kept our kids' Sunday School class going.  She is also a leader with our Monday night kids Bible club.  Laura is a gifted and wise lady who is an asset to any place she serves.

Laura teaching

Kids games

Laura has been without employment for almost a year since the ministry she was working for lost its funding.  We have been able to help her with some specially designated funds, but that's not enough to support her.  We would love to see her working with the church full-time, helping with women, discipling young ladies, strengthening our children's ministry, and helping with counseling.  At this stage in our church's development, the church doesn't have those funds.  If we could find partners to help with $500/month for a specified period of time we would be able to support Laura and help the church.  Otherwise, there is a good chance she will need to move to another city to find work.
As we mentioned above, we're excited about the prospects God seems to be giving us for the fall.  There are many opportunities and we are trusting that God will let us see spiritual and numerical growth at church.  Our great desire for the church is to see it grow, mature and stand on its own as a self-supporting, self-propagating  church.  We're not there, but more often now we can see that goal getting closer (and, honestly, there are times we despair of that!).  If you would be willing to partner with us and meet this need, helping us with Laura on a short-term basis, please communicate with us or EBM.  And please pray!
1. Sunday's encouragement.
2. Miguel-Angel and his family.
3. Visitors!

1. For partners in Laura's support.
2. Growth in church leadership.  We will be having a leaders' retreat a week from Saturday to evaluate and plan ahead.
3. This Sunday night we are having a Noche Mexicana (Mexican Night) to celebrate Mexican Independence Day.  Once again, in our ongoing effort to educate the American public in all things Mexican: September 16th is Independence Day NOT May 5th.  Write and ask us why!

With gratitude
Tim, Barbara-Lee, Drew, Gavin, Fiona

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