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Greetings from Amealco, Queretaro!

We're here in the state of Queretaro (about an hour north of Mexico City) at a camp for 10-13 year-olds.  Tim is the featured's a new experience to speak to that age group in this setting.  The kids have been very attentive so far.  Our theme is wisdom--knowing how to make wise choices.  It's been fun to be here.  Tim's cousin Jody and his wife, Abril, started the camp about four years ago and this is our first time here.  It's great to see what we've only heard about.  They've really had incredible results here after only a few years of operations.


We want to update you on the building situation. The meeting at the end of June led to another meeting and the upshot of the matter is that probably we will be sharing the building with another ministry.  The official decision won't be made until August 29th, but that is the way things look at the moment. Tim actually saw the inside for the first time and it is a nice facility, albeit one that will need quite a bit of elbow grease—a new wall, paint, a leaking drainpipe, and sewer hookup.  The other group may be given the responsibility for that work.  We think we will need to define details of the sharing plan pretty well before we get real excited about things, but we're thankful for the opportunity.  We still appreciate and need your prayers!



Our bubble of good attendance burst and we've been fairly empty the last three Sundays (hey, it's summer).  Still, a few weeks ago we had a guest speaker and four people accepted Christ.  One lady (Claudia) and her son (Edgar) were among them.  We’ve known them for 2 years and their family (of four) finally came last week.  The last two weeks the dad dropped Edgar off early for youth class and then came back with the rest of the family, including his mother.  It's exciting to see new life!




1. The opportunity with the building.
2. The camp.  It's called Koinonia, which means the same thing in Spanish as in English! (It's really a Greek word)
3. The family of four that is attending church.

1. The rest of the week at camp.  For young people to be touched by God and to live wisely.
2. Wisdom in working with the building situation.
3. Wisdom in planning Bible studies and church direction for the fall.

We so much appreciate you, knowing that you care about us and are praying.  Thanks.
Tim, Barbara-Lee, Drew, Gavin, Fiona

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