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Fridays tend to be a bit long for Tim. He starts at 8 AM with English at Madero University and finishes the day with Bible study from 8:30 to about midnight. This past Friday night we were studying Exodus 14 (the crossing of the Red Sea) and the discussion moved into salvation. After many probing questions one lady finally asked, "How can we know for sure that we have accepted Christ?" When we finished, at least three prayed to accept Christ. Furthermore, the previous Sunday at Third Place (remember that?) another couple who regularly attend the Friday night study indicated that they accepted Christ. Very exciting! While moments like this are exciting, we want to be in this for the long haul. Decisions and prayers really are only effective in as much as they result in fruit and changed lives. So rejoice with us and then pray like crazy for God to truly and deeply change the lives of these people. (our hostess's son is also showing remarkable signs of life, like inviting friends to the study, wondering what kinds of video games are ok for him to play, and pondering how healthy a career as a video game designer would be.)
Some church related news is that on Sunday we had a neighbor wander into our service. He said he heard our music and liked it (two observations: his musical judgment is suspect right there and we really don't play music THAT loud--just guitars and a keyboard!) and wanted to find out about us. His name is Vicente, he's seventy-two years old (he looks about ten years younger), he has some religious knowledge and he doesn't like the Old Testament. Follow-up should be fun! Third Place games
  Third Place games
We are beginning to get off the ground with our leaders' meetings. These are 2-hour lunch meetings every two weeks. Since things are starting up we're having to work through who we are and how we're functioning. God has blessed us with a great set of godly men so these meeting are encouraging and hopeful times. Our task as a church is sometimes so overwhelming. Individually and corporately we feel so inadequate so many times. But it is God who is at work and we are so thankful for His grace. A specific example: Mother's Day Sunday we were having a church breakfast and had invited many guests. About 15 minutes before we started Gavin fell and split open the back of his head. We decided that it needed medical attention so we took him to the emergency room (a first as parents!). About an hour later we returned to church and the place was full! There were three visiting families. It's moments like that when God seems to give us just enough of a shot in the arm and a reminder that He is the Lord. (Gavin's injury wasn't terribly serious, though he did get two stitches which we took out a week later.)
1. Those who have made decisions to accept Christ.
2. Vicente, who visited us at church.
3. Our group of leaders: Pedro, Christian, Carlos, Tim and Tim.
4. For Gavin's medical treatment and quick recovery.

1. Those who have made decisions to accept Christ.
2. Vicente, who visited us at church.
3. Our group of leaders: Pedro, Christian, Carlos, Tim and Tim.

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Thank you for standing with us in prayer!
Tim, Barbara-Lee, Drew, Gavin, Fiona

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