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Poblanos (people from the state of Puebla), most Mexicans will tell you, are a different breed (we say that with all affection). Take, for example, the weather (and those of you in the frozen tundra that is the United States wish you could). Just last week a neighbor was complaining about the heat! It's February! Tim kidded her that Poblanos are never happy unless they can complain about the weather. It's too cold (in the 40's)! It's too hot! (in the 80's) It's too dry! It's raining so much! All while living in the perfect climate. But yes, the nippiest time of the year is past and we're starting to feel the beginnings of the hot season.

Enjoying the tamales the Ladies Cooking Class made We had lots of February activities to mention in our last prayer letter. Thank you for your prayers. We had 68 people at our friendship dinner. It was great to have many of our friends there, to introduce them to our group, and for them to hear the gospel message. The Conversation Club is going well, with about 14 students coming. This has the potential to open up many doors for friendships. Many of the students at this university are from out of town, so we hope to be able to build bridges as homes-away-from-home for them as another connection point. Tim is busy with counseling and discipleship times throughout the week. Barbara-Lee continues to enjoy getting together with neighbor ladies and this year, cooking up some Mexican delights followed by Bible study. We are meeting regularly with the young couples group, although at this stage we're focusing more on relationship building rather than a formal Bible study. God is a patient God () and we have to learn to be patient with people as well. This past Saturday, Tim filled up our car with 12 teens to help at a camp for the deaf. It was a satisfying day in many ways and good for the teens to be exposed to needs beyond their normal experiences. On a hard note, Vicente's dad died on the 2nd of February. It was both a hard time and a good time as we were able to minister to the family. Finally, on February 19th we held our first services in a new location. It has been encouraging to be in a new place and see people's enthusiasm for it.

In March we are inviting people to another Picnic Day on the 12th. Even now there seems to be lots of interest from friends, neighbors and university students. Please pray with us that many new contacts would join us for the day.

1. Excellent Friendship dinner. Many of our friends came (including some all the way from Sumner, Washington!), enjoyed the evening and heard the Gospel.
2. Students' enthusiasum in attending the Conversation Club.
3. Opportunities to share the gospel many times with Vincente's family at his dad's funeral.

1. Vicente and his siblings as they mourn the lost of their dad and adjust to life on their own.
2. That friendships would grow into Bible study opportunities.
3. Picnic Day - that many would come even from the university.

May God bless you!
Tim, Barbara-Lee, and Drew 

Drew's Vocab Quiz
Last Words:1. Quiero ir a la escuela= I want to go to school 2. ¿Por qué?= Why? 3. No tengo unos...= I don't have...

Friendship dinner with Emmanuel and Mariel

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