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We hope your December has been as mellow as ours. We have had a couple weeks off and been able to make a slow transition back from Pennsylvania to Washington. It’s been a joy to watch Drew start walking and reflect on the amazing way God gives life and growth. We have two friends who have had babies in the last couple of weeks and it is amazing to realize how much Drew has grown, and how thankful we are for God’s grace. God does not owe us healthy, happy lives—as so many of our brothers and sisters in Christ around the world would attest—so we are thankful and count ourselves greatly blessed. Not only are we blessed with the little Drewstinator, but we have been blessed and encouraged in the area of our financial support. We have had new support committed, pushing us to 77%, and are looking forward to what the Lord will provide. Please do join with us in praying that the Lord will allow us to move down to Puebla this coming April or May.

Our November with Barbara-Lee's family was very special. We had great times ministering to churches in New York and Pennsylvania and are especially grateful for the time with Barbara-Lee's family. It was good for Drew to live with the Fam in Pennsylvania and experience his first Thanksgiving (and the traditional Kieselowsky kielbasa!) there. We don't know when the Lord will allow us to be back out there with them, so we will treasure the memories from our visit.

Our future is, well, very busy. We are going to be presenting in churches every Sunday but three from now until May (including a missions trip to Tecate, Mexico). That is a point of praise! Here is our schedule through January:
Dec. 28 Bethany Bible Church, Kenmore, Washington
Jan. 04 Puyallup Community Baptist(missions conf.), Puyallup, Washington
Jan. 09 Puyallup Community Baptist(missions conf.), Puyallup, Washington
Jan. 14 Puyallup Community Baptist(missions conf.), Puyallup, Washington
Jan. 18 First Baptist Church, Burbank, Washington
Jan. 25 Faith Baptist Church, Burlington, Washington


1. Our families who love and support us in our work.
2. Christmas communications from friends.
3. We purchased furniture in Puebla.
4. You!

1. Growth in the 3rd-6th grade boys we work with in Awana.
2. Please continue to pray for an April-May 2004 moving date!
3. Our daily walk with the Lord in prayer and Bible study.

Merry Christmas to you!

Tim & Barbara-Lee (and Drew)


Tim & Barbara-Lee Glessner
(253) 274-8575
921 S. ‘M’ St.
Tacoma, WA 98405