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'Tis the season...
of death!  Yes, today is Halloween and tomorrow is the Day of the Dead.  One of the old traditions here is to make altars for one's dead loved ones, and leave food out for them.  Sometimes then people take the food (less perishable food like candy or chocolate or the seasonal bread, called hojaldra (Oh-haul-dra) and give it away.  Tuesday night at Bible study a lady asked if it is all right to eat the bread if someone gives it to you and you don't know if it was at an altar.  Tim loved the question--it's right out of 1 Corinthians 10:25-31.  It's great that people are thinking and asking questions. Our Monday night group is small, but full of new life and growth. The Friday night study has been a bit sporadic, so we're looking for some long-term direction for the group.
'Tis also the season for conferences.  This past Saturday we hosted a seminar on the Bible's teaching about money.  We're putting on a marriage seminar this coming week.  We're praying that these will be effective both in strengthening believers and touching the lives of unbelievers.  At church we are working on giving the leadership a sense of ownership and responsibility in the activities and ministries of the church.  We've been encouraged to have increased participation in even such duties as cleaning the facilities.

What the Bible says about money



The other day going to school, Drew warmed his daddy's heart.  He said, "Daddy, I want to be like you when I'm big."  Unfortunately he continued talking.  He said, "Because you don't work."  Thanks, Drew. Sometimes what we do doesn't seem like work and sometimes it does, but this week we're going to Acapulco (a five-hour drive) to stay as far away from work as we can, thanks to a deal we couldn't refuse.  So we're thankful (au contraire, Mr. Drew) to be able to work hard, and thankful to be able to play as well. 


Leadership day

Church details

We are thankful for those who have responded positively to our partnership request with Laura (we'd like to raise $500 per month).  As we grow in numbers and maturity she can be a huge resource for us in training and discipling other workers.  We're including a photo of the church leadership on a day-long planning and prayer retreat. We're thankful for this group of men and their families. Our building situation is still being defined. We have a green light to eventually use the building in conjunction with another ministry. That needs to be carefully defined. The building itself also needs quite a bit of work.  So there are many opportunities and much work to be done.

1. We continue to have visitors and to see growth in newcomers.
2. For a wonderful day together as a leadership team.
3. A week of rest.

1. For partners in Laura's support.
2. Discipleship needs to be met.
3. That God would use the upcoming conference to strengthen marriages in our church and to touch lives outside it.

With love
Tim, Barbara-Lee, Drew, Gavin, Fiona

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