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This weekend we had a church retreat at the local Christian camp.  It was a great privilege to spend 48 hours with a good chunk of our church family.  Our theme was "We are one body" and we worked on themes such as "Many members", "God has placed me into one body", and the outworking of those concepts in service in the church, and participation in small groups.  It was special to have some relatively new attendees there. 

No retreat is complete without water games, junk food, and roasting marshmallows (as well as the typical roasted Mexican corn with lemon and chile) so we covered those bases as well.


The retreat served as a kick-off for our fall schedule.  We're excited to begin Bible studies again this fall.  A couple weeks ago Christian began a Bible study with students from a local university. Monday we start the kids club, then the Friday Bible study will begin this week and we hope to start a variety of other studies in the next week or two.

Marshmallow games
We've had an influx of visitors at church in recent weeks.  We're thankful for the new families and the opportunities with them as we hope to plug them into small group Bible studies.

It looks as if we will be co-administrators of the building we've mentioned.  Now we need to sit down and work through details with the Association and the other ministry. 

Tim teaching  
1. The retreat: commitments made, relationships deepened, and general body unity.
2. Several new families have begun attending.  They range from new believers, to seekers, to more experienced believers.
3. The neighborhood kids are excited to begin kids club again.

1. That we would be able to start new small group Bible studies with long-term members as well as newcomers.
2. Wisdom regarding the building.
3. Last month we mentioned a new family where the mom and son accepted Christ.  They continue to attend faithfully and are eager to learn more.  Please pray for their spiritual growth.  It's exciting to see God's hand at work in their lives.

We so much appreciate you, knowing that you care about us and are praying.  Thanks.
Tim, Barbara-Lee, Drew, Gavin, Fiona

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