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On Monday nights we've been wondering what we would do with the kids when the rainy season starts. Well, we found out last night. It rained all afternoon (hooray! green grass again!) and so we held the club in our garage. One broken light bulb and a lot of fun and a good lesson later, it worked! We have about 15 pretty regular attendees. It's been good to begin to get to know them and begin to build relationships. Our dream for this is for it to grow into a long-term ministry making a difference in the lives of these children and their families--spiritually, emotionally, and socially.

At church on Sundays we typically dedicate 20 minutes to prayer and thanksgiving times. Lately we've encouraged people to keep a prayer journal and write down the requests to pray for each other during the week. We've noticed that the thanksgiving times seem to be longer than the request times. That's good--and biblical. We are thankful to see God answering prayer and for people to be seeing that and responding with thankfulness. Two things for which we are particularly thankful are: a young lady who ran away from home for more than a week returned home and a young man who accepted Christ during the Good Friday service is meeting with Tim for discipleship, coming to church, Bible study, and seems to be truly growing.

Since we started off telling you about the kids, here are some specific prayer requests for kids:

1. A regular group of kids and help. We're starting to see the results of a long-term investment in them.
2. Many kids have prayed to accept Christ as their Savior.  This is really only a first step (we're shooting for growth and maturity) but it's a pretty good one!
3. For the girl who returned home and is willing to work through issues with her parents.
4. For Endul, who is growing and responding to the Lord.

1. Continued growth in our relationship with the kids. Also that we would be able to begin to get to know their parents.
2. E: He comes from a very large and very poor home.  He has speech problems, reading problems and social problems.  But he comes regularly and always before he leaves we give him a hug.  It's hard to know how much he really understands about Jesus, but he does understand affection.  Pray that something will "click" for him.
3. J and LA: Brother and sister who seem to come from a fairly negligent home (we haven't met their parents).  They come every week and Tim drives them home afterwards.  They are full of spunk and fun and always want more.  Jessica brought a friend on Monday.
4. AG: A sharp, pretty young girl who needs to know Jesus loves her and find her meaning in Him.  

Grace be with you.
Tim, Barbara-Lee, Drew, Gavin, Fiona

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